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Indrek Tiigi

Partner/chartered architect
Phone: +3725203145
  • CEO
  • Accredited architect 7
  • Member of the Estonian Association of Architects since 2007

2004    Estonian Academy of Arts, MA Architecture and Urban Planning
2002 - 2003    Virginia Technical Institute and State University, College of Architecture and Urban Studies, Alexandria,VA, USA
2001    International Federation for Housing and Planning Summer School, “Urban Renewal”, UPC, ETSAB Barcelona, Spain
2000    International Federation for Housing and Planning Summer School “Urban Public Space”, Helsinki

Indrek is a co-founder of Allianss Arhitektid and steers the firm’s daily operations as the CEO. Indrek`s personal experience  ranges from  large-scale project management responsibilities  to small-scale design projects. He is communication-oriented coordinating the international projects of Allianss Arhitektid (in Norway, Georgia, Latvia, and Finland) and he likes to assemble teams and manage collaboration in challenging situations with international teams, tight schedules etc. As a founder of the Estonian Service Industry Association, Indrek also contributes extensively to society.

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